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Event: MSCA Come & Try Day, PI Raceway (Entry Closedl)

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Total Entries: 137
Driver Car Class Team/Sponsor Activity Photos
Anderson, AndrewHolden TX Gemini 1975ComeandTry
Anderton, PeterSubaru WRX 2006GCC - Sports Sedans 4WD & Time Attack - ClubSprint 4WDComeandTry
Angove, SharonLotus Elise 20194M Modern 2000cc to 3499ccComeandTry
Arbuthnot, GarethToyota 86 2012Come and TryComeandTry
Arrowsmith, NealeLotus Exige 20064M Modern 2000cc to 3499ccComeandTry
Astbury, BruceLotus Elise S 20134M Modern 2000cc to 3499ccLotus MelbourneMSCAOFFICI
Astbury, PeterAlfa Romeo Guiletta 2010MSCAApprov
Astbury, PetrinaLotus Elise 20134M post-1985 Modern 2500cc to 3499ccLotus MelbourneMSCAOFFICI
Balachandran, Sydarth (Syd)Lotus Evora 2009Come and Try & Street CarsComeandTry
Bebe, MattHolden Monaro 2005Come and TryComeandTry
Bektas, SamBMW F30 328i M Sport 2012Come and Try & Sports Sedans 3D - Up to 2000ccComeandTry
Berryman, LachlanBMW X5 M50d 20174M Modern 2000cc to 3499ccComeandTry
Berryman, MarkCaterham CSR 175 20122M Modern up to 1999ccComeandTry
Blakeney, TimothyFord FPV F6 2011J4 - Non-Logbooked 4001cc & over & 8 Cars running slicksMSCAApprov
Bone, LesLotus Elise 20022 Wheel DriveMSCAApprov
Bottomley, PhilipMazda mx5 2006GCC - Sports Cars up to 2000ComeandTry
Bouts, Michaelporsche 996 gt3 2000Regularity - Porsche & Production TouringComeandTry / MSCAApprov
Bradney, IanNissan 370Z 2010RRI-E Sports & Sports Sedans 3001cc and over & 5M post-1985 Modern 3500cc to 4999ccMSCAApprovPhotos
Brewer, GregoryLotus Evora 430 GT 20186M post-1985 Modern Over 4999ccComeandTry
Buntin, DavidLotus Elise 2010M2 & 2M Modern up to 1999ccMSCAApprov
Carr, MatthewMazda RX8 2006Road RegisteredComeandTry
Chantler, MatthewRenault Megane RS 265 20133D Sports Sedans/Tin Tops up to 2000cc - Class B FloorpanComeandTry
Chee, DanielMercedes AMG CLA45 2018Come and TryComeandTry
Choi, JackyBMW M5 1999A4 - Road Registered 4001cc & overComeandTry
Clark, IainBMW E92 M3 2008Sports Sedans 3D - 2001 to 4000ccComeandTry
Clarke, PeterMAZDA MX5 NB RACE NUMBER 62 2003Open cars & 2M Modern up to 1999ccMSCAApprov
Cole, KimMazda MX-5 2000D3 - Production Sports Cars 2001-4000cc & MMSC J-over 3001cc & Marque Sports over 1600cc & NM - Non MG Marque & A2 2000cc and over & 4M Modern 2000cc to 3499ccMSCAApprovPhotos
Corrigan, PeterHolden FJ 1954Regularity & REG RegularityMSCAApprov
Costa, TonyRenault Megane 2015Road Registered & GCC - Improved Production (2WD) 2001 and over & Road Car - 2001 to 4000ccComeandTryPhotos
Cowie, IanTriumph TR8 1978Invited BritishCSI InternationalMSCAApprovPhotos
Damiano, MikeRenault Clio RS200 Sport 2016Production Touring & A1 - Road Registered 0-1600cc & 2M Modern up to 1999ccScuderia DamianoMSCAOFFICI
Dickinson, HarryJaguar XJS 1975B4 - Improved Production 4001cc & overMSCAApprov
Dong, YiBMW M4 2014ComeandTry
Eakins, GavinLocost-ish Seven 20127A Clubman 1600cc to 1999ccMSCAApprovPhotos
Ferguson, BaylinHyundai i30 2017ComeandTry
Ferguson, EdTriumph TR7/V8 1979Regularity - Div 2 & Invited British & 5C pre-1986 Classic 3500cc to 4999ccIntegrated Monitoring SystemsMSCAApprovPhotos
Ferguson, TylerFord Focus 2010ComeandTry
Ficinus, GaryToyota 86 GTS 2013ComeandTry
Forte, RobertBMW M4 Competiton 20174M Modern 2000cc to 3499ccComeandTry
French, NikolaosLotus Elise 2005ComeandTry
Gabb, JamesSubaru Forester 2000Road RegisteredComeandTry
Gardner, LeeLotus Elise 19982M Modern up to 1999ccMSCAApprov
Gasanov, DmitriBMW m140i 2018Sports 2000ComeandTry
George, DeborahAustin Healey Sprite MK111 1965Come and TryComeandTry
Gillies, DiVolvo V50 2007ComeandTry
Gowora, Tichaonaaudi rs4 2006Come and TryComeandTry
Grant, AndrewLotus Exige 430 Cup 20186M post-1985 Modern Over 4999ccMSCAOFFICI
Grant, ZacharyAudi S1 20154M Modern 2000cc to 3499ccComeandTry
Grossman, PeterBMW m3 20052 Wheel DriveComeandTry
Halford, MarjorieMazda MX5 20179-MGV-Non-MarqueComeandTry
Hamer, Karyndatsun 1200 1972B1 - Improved Production 0-1600cc & 2C Classic up to 1999cc
Hannan, AnthonyAUSTIN HEALEY SPRITE MK 3 1966Marque Sports - 2A & Class A - Up to 1600cc & D1 - Production Sports Cars 0-1600cc & REG RegularityMSCAOFFICI
Harman, RichardSubaru STI 1999Class G - 2001 to 3000ccMSCAApprov
Harris, TrentRenault Megane RS280 2018ComeandTry
Harrison, StephenLotus Europa 1969Group Sb & GCC - Sports Cars up to 2000 & 2C Classic up to 1999ccMSCAOFFICIPhotos
Hawkes, DavidLotus Elise Sprint 20174M Modern 2000cc to 3499ccComeandTry
Hawkes, NicoleLotus Elise 20174M Modern 2000cc to 3499ccComeandTry
Hawley, AdamAudi S3 2018Street CarsComeandTry
HO, Wan sengHonda CIVIC 20062 Wheel DriveComeandTry
Huijbregsen, ScottSubaru GC8 1998ComeandTry
Jeuniewic, MelissaBMW 2018 M3 20186M post-1985 Modern Over 4999ccComeandTry
Jobin, FredericToyota 86 2013ComeandTry
Johnson, GregLexus IS300 20185M post-1985 Modern 3500cc to 4999ccComeandTry
Jory, JasonFord Ba Typhoon 20058 Cars running slicksMSCAApprov
Kay, JimVolkswagen Golf 2014ComeandTry
Kelly, DavidHolden Commodore SSV Redline 2017MSCAApprov / MSCAOFFICI
Kerr, RogerBirkin S3 2004Clubman Sports 1300 & 7 Clubman Cars up to 1599ccComeandTryPhotos
Kip, MichaelTriumph TR7 1978Regularity & Class B - 1601 to 2000cc & A2 - Road Registered 1601-2000cc & 2B 1601cc-2000cc & 2C Classic up to 1999ccMSCAOFFICIPhotos
Kotliar, DmitriBmw M240i 2017Road RegisteredComeandTry
Kuchel, MatthewLotus Elise S 2013ComeandTry
Lam, HutchisonBMW M3 1996Road RegisteredComeandTry
Lauretti, AdrianAudi RS3 2018ComeandTry
Le'Toille, AaronToyota 86 2015ComeandTry
Lim, Nhohoon Johnaudi RS3 2018Come and TryComeandTry
Lines, AlexanderMitsubishi Lancer 2010Road RegisteredComeandTry
Listmangof, MarcMitsubishi Lancer 2002Come and Try & Sports Sedans 3D - Up to 2000ccComeandTry
Litte Chester, CaelanToyota Echo 2002DadComeandTry
Lumb, DavidBMW E30 19854C Classic 2000cc to 3499ccBMWCCVMSCAOFFICI
Marriner, KeithAston Martin DB7 20016M post-1985 Modern Over 4999ccMSCAApprov
Martin, RichardoHolden Commodore SS 2006Class D - over 3000ccComeandTry
Matesic, DannyAudi RS3 2018ComeandTry
Matesic, StevenAudi S5 2017ComeandTry
Meah, ManikLotus Elise 20194M Modern 2000cc to 3499ccComeandTry
Neville, VincentJaguar XJS 1978Road Car - 4001cc and Over * & REG RegularityNilComeandTry
Ng, NicholasPRB Clubman 1999F - Clubman 0-1600cc & 7 Clubman Cars up to 1599ccMSCAOFFICI
Nicholls, MeganPeugeot 205 GTI 19882 Wheel Drive & RRI-C Sports & Sports Sedans 1601 to 2000ccComeandTry
Ondarchie, AlisterTriumph TR7 1979Invited BritishTeam Triumph RacingMSCAApprovPhotos
Ondarchie, KeithTriumph STAG 1974Invited British & NM - Non MG Marque & 8 Cars running slicksTEAM TRIUMPH RACINGMSCAApprov
Organtzidis, ApostolosLexus GSF 2015Come and TryComeandTry
Ormerod, DavidLotus Elise 2018Sports Cars Closed - 2AComeandTry
Ormerod, MilesLotus Elise 2018Sports Cars Closed - 2A & 2M Modern up to 1999ccComeandTry
Padula, Trentrenault Megane rs 275 2016ComeandTry
Parnell, JeremyRenault Clio 20052 Wheel DriveComeandTry
Peirce, JarrodHSV Senator Signature 20036M post-1985 Modern Over 4999ccComeandTry
Pepper, BronwynToyota 86 2012ComeandTry
Pepper, RobertToyota GT86 20122 Wheel Drive & Class D: Prod Cars: over 2450mm WB; 2WD Eng Away from Drive & CMHAC Type 1 - 1601 to 2000ccMSCAApprovPhotos
Poletti, CobeyBMW E82 135i 2008Road CarComeandTry
Poon, JeremyAlfa Romeo Stelvio 2018Street CarsComeandTry
Poulton, Derekford falcon 2016ComeandTry
Ritter, MaxwellMG B Mk 2 1969RRHCA - B Classic 1501 to 2000ccNilComeandTry
Rogers, LauraLotus Elise Cup 250 20194M Modern 2000cc to 3499ccComeandTry
Runge, RainerBMW M4 F82 20152 Wheel DriveComeandTry
Rusch, IanICV R23 MKII 20172M Modern up to 1999ccMSCAOFFICIPhotos
Saward, PaulLotus Elise 2014ComeandTry
Schreiber, TimLotus Exige 20166M post-1985 Modern Over 4999ccMSCAApprovPhotos
Schulberg, RachelAbarth 124 spider 2017Road CarComeandTry
Schulberg, ToddVolvo V40 2015Road CarComeandTry
Schwarz, DavidBMW M5 Competition 20194 Wheel DriveComeandTry
Sheohmelian, Raffiaudi rs3 2016ComeandTry
Siciliano, PatrickMercedes AMG C 63 Coupe 20192 Wheel DriveComeandTryPhotos
Smits, DerekPeugeot 308 GTI 270 2016Come and Try & 2 Wheel DriveComeandTry
Sole, DavidFord Mustang 2017Road CarComeandTry
Speechley, JaneToyota GT86 20122 Wheel DriveComeandTry
Spiridis, PeterPorsche 997 Turbo 2007RegularityComeandTry
Splatt, RobertMercedes GTR 20185M post-1985 Modern 3500cc to 4999ccSPLATT GROUPMSCAApprov
Stables, PamelaRenault Clio 2012Stables Racing TeamComeandTry
Stan, TroyNissan Maxima STR 2003Come and Try & VHC-F1 Non Logged Booked cars (non-Championship Points Scoring Cars)ComeandTry
Stenta, VenieroNissan Skyline R32 GTR 1989Sports Sedan - 3DMSCAApprov
Stevens, GuyLotus Elise 20052M Modern up to 1999ccMSCAApprov
Trembath, DanielNissan 180Sx 19924M Modern 2000cc to 3499ccMSCAApprov
Tse, EthanToyota 86 2015Road RegisteredComeandTry
Van Meeuwen, GregMG Midget 1966Come and TryComeandTry
Vasilev, MarioNissan Skyline 19952 Wheel DriveComeandTry
Vital, WilliansSubaru Legacy rs 19944 Wheel DriveComeandTry
Voraz, JulienRenault Clio RS 20172 Wheel Drive & 2M Modern up to 1999ccComeandTry
Walker, GarethSubaru WRX 1998Improved Production - 3J & B3 - Improved Production 2001-4000cc & 4M Modern 2000cc to 3499ccPerfectly Presented Properties / AUS4WDMSCAApprov
Watson, BrianTriumph TR7 19792C pre-1986 Classic 1500cc to 1999ccMSCAOFFICIPhotos
Wen, ZiyaoBMW M2 2017Come and Try & 2 Wheel DriveComeandTry
Western, LukeRenault Clio 182 20052M Modern up to 1999ccComeandTry
Williams, EthanHonda Civic 19972 Wheel Drive & B1 - Improved Production 0-1600cc & A (up to 1800cc - standard )ComeandTry
Williamson, AndrewBMW 535i 1997Road CarComeandTry
Williamson, GordonLotus Elise Cup 250 20162 Wheel Drive & A6 Sports Cars over 1700cc & 4M post-1985 Modern 2500cc to 3499ccComeandTry
WILSON, JENNIFERFORD AU 1988Come and Try & J4 - Non-Logbooked 4001cc & overBUNDOORA AUTO WRECKERSComeandTry
Wlazlo, PiotrLotus EXIGE 2006ComeandTry
Zeng, SuBMW M4 2017ComeandTry
ZHOU, YangBMW M2 Competition 2018Regularity & 2 Wheel Drive & Class C - P2 & M2 & Class C - 2001 to 3000ccComeandTry
Zuglian, AyrtonFord Focus XR5 2010Come and TryComeandTry

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