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Event: MSCA Sth Aust Super Sprint RD 3

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Total Entries: 98
Driver Car Class Team/Sponsor Activity Photos
Amos, ScottBirkin S3 IRS 20057 Clubman Cars up to 1599ccSuperSprin
Amos, HeathBirkin S3 IRS 20057 Clubman Cars up to 1599ccSuperSprin
Appleby, RichardMorris Mini Deluxe 1968Road Registered & STR K-under 1300cc & Class A: Prod Cars: up to 2450mm WB; 2WD Eng Over Drive or Mid EngSuperSprin
Atkins, RobertHolden Vt commodore 2000Commodore & MOD T-over 3001cc & D (over 1800cc - modified) & 8 Cars running slicksABS Salisbury,Complete bathrooms
Axford, PeterAlfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT 1964Group SbEurosport AutomotiveSuperSprinPhotos
Ball, MartinRover SD1 1982Road Car & MSC E-over 3001ccSuperSprinPhotos
Ball, ThomasDatsun 280zx 1982MOD S-2000 - 3000cc & Road Reg Non Log Booked over 2500ccSuperSprinPhotos
Batty, DavidMazda MX5 NC 2009Road Registered & STR M-1601 - 2000ccSuperSprin
Bilsborough, DarrenNissan 350Z 2007STR O-over 3001ccSuperSprinPhotos
Bolt, GarryMG BGT 1968Group O - Sports & Australian GT & Z - MG Super SpecialsSuperSprin
Bolton, FletcherMazda MX5 2005Road Registered & MMSC H-1601 - 2000cc & Road Car - 1601 to 2000ccSuperSprin
Bowra, Stephenmercedes c 200 2002SuperSprin
Cassidy, Jasonmitsubishi lancer evo 7 20014 Wheel Drive & 3C Rally Cars 4WD - All & REG Regularitytotal toolsSuperSprin
Coles, MichaelAlfa Romeo Sprint 1987Road Registered & MOD R-1601 - 2000ccSuperSprin
Cotton, ChristopherMINI COOPER S 2003MMSC H-1601 - 2000cc
Crouch, IanPorsche Boxster 19982 Wheel Drive & 4M post-1985 Modern 2500cc to 3499ccSuperSprin
Daly, DavidSubaru Impreza wrx 1999Road RegisteredSuperSprin
Davenport, RobertHonda Civic 1993A2 - Road Registered 1601-2000cc & 2B 1601cc-2000cc & CMHAC Type 2 - 1601 to 2000cc & Front Engine & 2M post-1985 Modern 1500cc to 1999ccSuperSprinPhotos
Davies, JohnMitsubishi Lancer EVO 8 MR 2004RAC X-All Wheel Drive TurboWebber Davies ConveyancersSuperSprinPhotos
Donald, GarySubaru GC8 WRX 1999Sports Sedan - 3D & INV IC - Non MSCA member & 3D Sports Sedans - 3001cc to 6000ccSA Suspension RepairsPhotos
Drinkwater, MichaelNissan 180sx 1992MOD T-over 3001ccSuperSprin
Drinkwater, Nigelford mustang coupe 1966STR O-over 3001cc & Road Reg Non Log Booked over 2500cc & 5C pre-1986 Classic 3500cc to 4999ccSuperSprin
Duncan, IanMazda MX-5 1990Marque Sports - 2B & D2 - Production Sports Cars 1601-2000cc & MMSC G-1301 - 1600cc & Marque Sports under 1600cc & 2M post-1985 Modern 1500cc to 1999ccnilSuperSprin
Dwyer, ShaunProton Satria GTi 2001RAC U-under 2000cc & 2M Modern up to 1999ccTouge Alliance/Hyperdrive3dSuperSprin
Edmonds, BenSubaru Impreza 2005Road Registered & STR O-over 3001ccSuperSprin
Edmonds, TimMG BGT V8 1974Marque Sports - 2F & MSC E-over 3001cc & Class B: Prod Cars: up to 2450mm WB; 2WD Eng Away from Drive & R - MGB GT V8 (including Costellos)SuperSprinPhotos
Edson, BarryKestrel Clubman KC4 1999CSC BB-1301 to 1600cc & 7 Clubman Cars up to 1599ccSuperSprin
Edson, LyndallKestrel KC4 1999CSC BB-1301 to 1600cc & 7 Clubman Cars up to 1599ccSuperSprin
Edwards, JasonLotus Exige 2011MSC D-2001 - 3000ccSuperSprinPhotos
Elsayed, FadieSubaru Impreza WRX 2000SuperSprin
Emmett, JamesVolvo 240T 1984Group A & RAC V-over 2001 cc & 5C pre-1986 Classic 3500cc to 4999ccSuperSprinPhotos
Faranda, MarkMazda MX-5 1990INV IC - Non MSCA memberTech GarageSuperSprin
Flynn, AdrianMINI CooperS Schnitzer 2003MOD S-2000 - 3000ccSuperSprin
Flynn, SonyaMINI Cooper S 2002STR N-2001 - 3000ccSuperSprin
Ford, RobertMorris Cooper S 1964Group NbTeam Two Tone SuperSprinPhotos
Frith, MatthewNissan Silvia 1992RAC V-over 2001 cc
Gold, GavinMini Cooper S 2003Sports Sedan - 3DSuperSprin
Gold, MatthewMini Cooper s 2005MMSC I-2001 - 3000cc & Road Reg Non Log Booked over 2500ccSuperSprin
Hardenberg, Brianalfa romeo 75 1988STR M-1601 - 2000ccSuperSprin
Hards, GrahamHOLDEN COMMODORE 2000MOD T-over 3001cc
Harrell, GarrenMazda mx5 19982 Wheel Drive & MSC C-1601 - 2000ccSuperSprinPhotos
Hawkins, MartinAlfa Romeo 156 sedan 1999Road Registered & STR M-1601 - 2000cc & M3 1600-1999cc & 2M Modern up to 1999ccSuperSprin
Hick, LindsayMG TC Special 1949Group Lb - SportsSuperSprin
Hickey, Johnmazda mx5 1989Road Registered & MSC B-1301 - 1600ccSuperSprin
Hirst, DamienHyundai i30N 20182 Wheel Drive & STR O-over 3001cc & Road Car - 2001 to 4000ccN GarageSuperSprinPhotos
Hobby, AndrewHyundai Excel 19983E Circuit ExcelBroadtec Solutions/Rowse MotorsSuperSprin
Holst, Pedervw golf R 20124 Wheel DriveSuperSprin
Houghton, LawrenceMGB Roadster 1973Marque Sports - 2BSuperSprinPhotos
Kaak, DuaneTriumph TR8 19784C Classic 2000cc to 3499ccSuperSprin
Lacey, MarkFord Fiesta XR4 2008Tarmac Rally & MOD R-1601 - 2000cc & 3C Rally Cars 2WD - up to 2000ccSuperSprinPhotos
Langcake, TaniaSubaru Wrx 19994 Wheel DriveSuperSprinPhotos
Langley, TobyAlfa Romeo 4C 2014Road RegisteredAROCA (SA)SuperSprin
Le, VuVolkswagen Golf R 20118 Any nominated carSuperSprin
Bainbridge, AnneDatsun 240z 1972Marque Sports - 2A & MMSC I-2001 - 3000cc & NM - Non MG MarqueSuperSprin
Manning, DickMG F 1996C1 & Class C - 2001 to 3000cc & ZB - MG FSuperSprin
Martin, NeilTriumph TR7 V8 1981Regularity - Div 1 & MMSC J-over 3001cc & 4C Classic 2000cc to 3499ccSuperSprinPhotos
McAllister, RobMazda MX5 2003Road Registered & 2B / 2F Marque Sports / Prod Sports - 1601cc to 2000ccSuperSprin
McGinn, DamianSubaru WRX 20064 Wheel DriveKensington Park TyrepowerSuperSprin
McMillan, AlastairFiat Punto 2006MOD R-1601 - 2000ccSuperSprinPhotos
Mercuri, JamesEunos Roadster 1989MMSC G-1301 - 1600ccSuperSprin
Meyer, CaleToyota Supra 1995RAC V-over 2001 cc & Time Attack - Open 2WDSuperSprin
Micklem, NicholasMG ZR160 2004MG & ZF - MG ZRSuperSprin
Morris, MatthewMorris Mini Cooper S 1965Group NcSuperSprin
Morris, PaulFord Capri Turbo 1991STR N-2001 - 3000ccSuperSprin
Neave, Craighyundai excel x3 19983E Circuit Excel & INV IC - Non MSCA member & GCC - Hyundai Excel (to Circuit Excel regulations)williams cranes /multi metals/ TTDSuperSprin
Oliver, Joshuasubaru wrx 19974 Wheel Drive & RAC X-All Wheel Drive TurboSuperSprin
Parken, DavidAlfa Romeo GTV6 1984MMSC I-2001 - 3000ccSuperSprin
Pearce, Russellford falcon xr6 20065M post-1985 Modern 3500cc to 4999ccmclaren vale tyres & mechanicalSuperSprin
Quinn, GeoffreyNissan Skyline 1996MOD T-over 3001cc & Open and Closed Sports Car over 1600ccSuperSprin
Quinn, MartinNissan Skyline 1996MOD T-over 3001cc & Open and Closed Sports Car over 1600cc
Radoslovich, PhilipAlfa Romeo 147 2.0L TSpark 20022 Wheel Drive & STR M-1601 - 2000cc & M3 1600-1999ccPhil Radoslovich Sports PhotographySuperSprin
Reed, MatthewBirkin Clubman 20057A Clubman 1600cc to 1999ccSuperSprin
Savis, GaryAlfa Romeo 147 GTA 2003MOD T-over 3001ccSuperSprin
Savis, JoshuaAlfa Romeo 156 1998STR N-2001 - 3000ccSuperSprin
Schlichting, DavidRenault Clio sport 172 2002STR M-1601 - 2000ccSuperSprin
Skinner, RobertBmw Mini Cooper S 2004SuperSprin
Smith, AlfredMG F 1999MGF & MGCCN - Marque Sports Classic 1.4 - 2 ltr & ZB - MG F & 2M post-1985 Modern 1500cc to 1999ccSuperSprinPhotos
Spreadbury, CliveAustin Healey Sprite 1963REG Regularity
Stead, KevinMazda MX5 1984Marque Sports - 2BSuperSprinPhotos
STEEL, CRAIGMERCEDES BENZ SLK 2003Road Registered & STR O-over 3001cc & MGCCQ - Regularity & REG RegularityMGSuperSprin
Swart, DamianNissan GTR 20094 Wheel DriveSuperSprin
Tassone, MichaelMazda RX7 1984MOD S-2000 - 3000ccSuperSprin
Tassone, ToryDatsun 1600 1972MOD R-1601 - 2000ccSuperSprin
Taylor, JohnAlfa Romeo 147 20022 Wheel DriveSuperSprin
Thomas, MarkAlfa Romeo Alfetta GTV 1985MMSC H-1601 - 2000ccSuperSprin
Turner, NeilMINI Cooper S 2007Sports Sedan - 3DDave Armstrong MotorsSuperSprin
Turner, StephenMini JCW Mini Challenge 20073D Sports Sedans/Tin Tops up to 2000cc - Class D Restricted Turbo & RAC V-over 2001 ccSuperSprin
Van Wageningen, RobPuma Clubman Roadster 22 2014CSC DD-over 2001cc & 8 Clubman over 1999ccSuperSprin
Wallis, AnthonyToyota Starlet 1991AUS MK - Class B Production Vehicles Wheelbase 2151 to 2390mm & Road Reg Non Log Booked under 2500ccBoostworx
Wallis, SymonVolkswagon Golf R 20104 Wheel Drive & Class B - 1601 to 2000cc & RAC X-All Wheel Drive Turbo & 8 Any nominated carSuperSprin
Weber, AllenMazda Mx~5 2002MSC E-over 3001cc & Road Car - 2001 to 4000ccSuperSprin
Whiteside, DavidCheap Special 2015CSC EE-Racing Clubmans (any capacity) & Formula Libre 1301 - 2000ccSuperSprin
Williams, CraigMINI JCW GP 2014Road Reg Non Log Booked under 2500ccSuperSprin
Williams, LeighHonda Civic 1999MOD S-2000 - 3000ccSuperSprin
Wortmeyer, MalcolmMazda na mx5 1989Open and Closed Sports Car over 1600ccreynella mazdaSuperSprin
Zeitz, JamesHyundai Excel 19993E Circuit Excel & RAC U-under 2000ccLonsdale Auto Service CentreSuperSprin
Zimmermann, MatthewToyota 86 GT 2014STR M-1601 - 2000ccLMTi SuperSprinPhotos
Zuppa, JakeSubaru WRX STi 2001INV IC - Non MSCA member & Road Reg Non Log Booked All Wheel Drive & Road Car - 2001 to 4000cc & 4M Modern 2000cc to 3499cc

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