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Total Entries: 128
Driver Car Class Team/Sponsor Activity Photos
Adams, MichaelHolden Commodore SS 20166M post-1985 Modern Over 4999ccComeandTry
Alipan, EmmaHSV R8 Clubsport 2011ComeandTry
Alipan, StevenJEEP SRT 2018ComeandTry
Arbuthnot, GarethToyota 86 2012Come and TryComeandTry
Astbury, BruceLotus Elise S 20134M Modern 2000cc to 3499ccLotus MelbourneInstructor
Astbury, PeterAlfa Romeo Guiletta 2010Instructor
Astbury, PetrinaLotus Elise 20134M post-1985 Modern 2500cc to 3499ccLotus MelbourneInstructor
Aubert-Black, LeviHyundai i30 SR 2018B2 - Improved Production 1601-2000cc & VHC-F1 Non Logged Booked cars (non-Championship Points Scoring Cars) & 2M Modern up to 1999ccComeandTry
Bebe, MattHolden Monaro 2005Come and TryComeandTry
Beet, MaddalynToyota Celica TA22 19749-MGV-Non-MarqueComeandTry
Bellenger, DavidHonda CRX 1988Marque Sports - 2B & D1 - Production Sports Cars 0-1600cc & VHC-B5 Prod Sports 2B & 2F - up to 2000cc & 2B / 2F Marque Sports / Prod Sports - up to 1600ccInstructorPhotos
Bentley, GrahamAudi TT RS 2017ComeandTry
Biddell, JasonBMW 435i 2015Road CarComeandTry
Blakeney, JoshNissan Skyline 1994Instructor
Blakeney, TimothyFord FPV F6 2011J4 - Non-Logbooked 4001cc & over & 8 Cars running slicksInstructor
Bone, LesLotus Elise 20022 Wheel DriveInstructor
Bouts, MichaelChevrolet Camaro 2011R1 & Class J - Closed Racing Cars over 2500cc & KH G 2500+cc Modified 2WD Production & Front Engine & 8 Cars running slicksInstructor
Brandt, SeanLOTUS ELISE 1999Come and Try & 2 Wheel DriveComeandTry
Briggs, AndrewLotus Elise Sprint 220 2018Road RegisteredComeandTry
Briggs, KarenLotus Elise Sprint 220 2018Road CarComeandTry
McDonough, Alexandralocost clubman 2001RRI-F Clubman Sports-all capacities & 7 Clubman Cars up to 1599ccComeandTryPhotos
Buntin, DavidLotus Elise 2010M2 & 2M Modern up to 1999ccInstructor
Burns, BrendenVolkswagen Golf R 7 20174M Modern 2000cc to 3499ccComeandTry
Campbell, MarkTriumph TR7 V8 1979Regularity & Marque Sports - 2B & NM - Non MG Marque & 5C pre-1986 Classic 3500cc to 4999ccInstructorPhotos
Chantler, MatthewRenault Megane RS 265 20133D Sports Sedans/Tin Tops up to 2000cc - Class B FloorpanComeandTry
Choi, JackyBMW M5 1999A4 - Road Registered 4001cc & overComeandTry
Clarke, PeterMAZDA MX5 RACE NUMBER 62 2003Open cars & 2M Modern up to 1999ccInstructor
Clarkin, AlexisBMW M235i 20162 Wheel DriveComeandTry
Connaughton, Michaelbmw m235i 20152ACComeandTry
Coombs, GlennHonda s2000 20002M post-1985 Modern 1500cc to 1999ccInstructor
Davies, ChrisBMW M2 20182 Wheel DriveComeandTry
Dunn, ConnorToyota 86 20132 Wheel Drive & A2 - Road Registered 1601-2000ccComeandTry
Eakins, GavinLocost-ish Seven 20127A Clubman 1600cc to 1999ccInstructorPhotos
Eakins, KimLocost Clubman 20087A Clubman 1600cc to 1999ccComeandTry
Eakins, RodDodge Viper 20046M post-1985 Modern Over 4999ccComeandTry
Edgar, RhysLotus Exige 20176M post-1985 Modern Over 4999ccInstructor
Ferguson, EdTriumph TR7/V8 1979Regularity - Div 2 & Invited British & 5C pre-1986 Classic 3500cc to 4999ccIntegrated Monitoring SystemsInstructorPhotos
Gagetti, StephenBMW 1M 2011Road RegisteredComeandTry
Gibson, GarryTriumpqh Tr7 v8 1979Sports Cars Closed - 2AInstructor
Goralski, MichaelHonda CRX 1988VHC-B5 Prod Sports 2B & 2F - up to 2000cc ComeandTry
Gowora, Tichaonaaudi rs4 2006Come and TryComeandTry
Grant, SharonBMW M4 2017ComeandTry
Grant, ZacharyLotus Exige 20064M post-1985 Modern 2500cc to 3499ccComeandTry
Hainsworth, GavinLotus Elise 20132M post-1985 Modern 1500cc to 1999ccComeandTry
Hamer, KarynPrince Skyline GTB 1965Group NcInstructorPhotos
Hannan, AnthonyAUSTIN HEALEY SPRITE MK 3 1966Marque Sports - 2A & Class A - Up to 1600cc & D1 - Production Sports Cars 0-1600cc & REG RegularityInstructor
Hill, DavidBMW M4 20142 Wheel DriveComeandTry
Jackson, MatthewFord Laser TX 3 TURBO 1989Class C - 2001 to 3000ccM2 FabricationsComeandTry
Johnstone, LeighBMW 530i 20038 Any nominated carBMWCCVComeandTry
Kay, JimVolkswagen Golf 2014ComeandTry
Wellard, GlendaToyota 86 2013Road Registered & 2M post-1985 Modern 1500cc to 1999ccComeandTry
Kosta, PaulLotus Exige 350 sport 20186M post-1985 Modern Over 4999ccComeandTry
Kroon, GavinAudi A3 20118 Any nominated carCAMSComeandTry
Kuruppu, CharithaBMW 328i 1997Road RegisteredComeandTry
Lath, AlisterNissan 370Z 2010ComeandTry
Lauretti, AdrianAudi RS3 2018ComeandTry
Lee, RowanFORD FOCUS XR5 2008A3 - Road Registered 2001-4000cc & 5M post-1985 Modern 3500cc to 4999ccInstructor
Lim, JonathanBMW M5 2003Road RegisteredComeandTry
Lim, VincentBMW 135i 2008Road RegisteredComeandTry
Lines, AlexanderMitsubishi Lancer 2010Road RegisteredComeandTry
Lumb, DavidBMW E30 325i 1985BMW E30 & 3C pre-1986 Classic 2000cc to 2499ccInstructor
Marriner, KeithPorsche 944 1984Porsche 944 ChallengeTrack Performance Solutions InstructorPhotos
Matesic, DannyAudi S6 2013ComeandTry
McCabe, MichaelLotus Elise 220 Sport 20184M Modern 2000cc to 3499ccComeandTry
McIntyre, NeilBMW M3 20132 Wheel DriveComeandTry
McKenzie, ShaneBMW 325i 1987Regularity & Road Registered & A3 - Road Registered 2001-4000cc & REG RegularityComeandTry
MCLEAN, NEILSubaru WRX STI 20154 Wheel DriveComeandTry
Mcloughlin, FintanEflin Clubman 2003A3 - Road Registered 2001-4000cc & 8 Clubman over 1999ccInstructor
Miller, BrianAlfa Romeo 147 20082 Wheel Drive & 9-MGV-Non-Marque & 2M Modern up to 1999ccComeandTry
Miller, LynneAlfa Romeo 147 20082 Wheel Drive & 9-MGV-Non-Marque & A1 0-1999ccComeandTry
Mills, MarkFord Mustang 2016ComeandTry
Mrkogaca, RatkoBMW 540 1995Come and TryComeandTry
Mudgway, AndrewHolden Monaro 2005ComeandTry
Ng, NicholasPRB Clubman 1999F - Clubman 0-1600cc & 7 Clubman Cars up to 1599ccInstructor
Nguyen, TerryMazda MX5 2016Road CarComeandTry
Nicholls, EmilyPeugeot 205 GTI 19882 Wheel Drive & RRI-C Sports & Sports Sedans 1601 to 2000ccComeandTry
Oates, ChristopherLotus 7 19947A Clubman 1600cc to 1999ccComeandTry
Oates, GregLotus 7 19947A Clubman 1600cc to 1999ccComeandTry
Ondarchie, AlisterTriumph TR7 1979Invited BritishTeam Triumph RacingInstructorPhotos
Ondarchie, KeithTriumph Stag 1975Invited British & NM - Non MG Marque & 5C pre-1986 Classic 3500cc to 4999ccTEAM TRIUMPH RACINGInstructor
Pace, ChelseaFord Mustang 2018Productions Sports Cars - 2FComeandTry
Padula, TrentHolden Astra RSV 2017Road CarComeandTry
Panteli, AndrewVolkwagon GTI 20102 Wheel DriveComeandTry
Panteli, CharlieVolkwagon Golf GTI 20102 Wheel DriveComeandTry
Panteli, GeorgeNissan 350Z 20074M post-1985 Modern 2500cc to 3499ccComeandTry
Peck, SimonBMW M2 2017ComeandTry
Pepper, BronwynToyota 86 2012ComeandTry
Pepper, RobertToyota GT86 20122 Wheel Drive & Class D: Prod Cars: over 2450mm WB; 2WD Eng Away from Drive & CMHAC Type 1 - 1601 to 2000cc & 2M post-1985 Modern 1500cc to 1999ccInstructorPhotos
Peters, ChristopherMitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX 2005Improved Production - 3J & B3 - Improved Production 2001-4000cc & 3J Improved Production - 3001cc to 6000cc (inc groups 3K & H)Quad Lock ComeandTryPhotos
Petselis, DanielAlfa Romeo Giulia QV 2017Street Cars & A3 - Road Registered 2001-4000cc & S5 3000cc and over & 5M post-1985 Modern 3500cc to 4999ccComeandTryPhotos
Pogorelec, JasonBMW E92 M3 2008ComeandTry
Rae, LachlanFiat x19 1983RRHCA - C Classic 2001 to 3000cc & 3M post-1985 Modern 2000cc to 2499ccEzibrandInstructorPhotos
Robins, JoshuaLotus Elise S1 1997A2 - Road Registered 1601-2000cc & 2B / 2F Marque Sports / Prod Sports - 1601cc to 2000cc & 2M Modern up to 1999ccTrack Performance SolutionsInstructorPhotos
Roussou, AndrewBMW M3 2013ComeandTry
Rusch, IanICV R23 MKII 20172M Modern up to 1999ccInstructorPhotos
Schreiber, TimLotus Exige 20166M post-1985 Modern Over 4999ccInstructorPhotos
Sefton, Jamesmercedes e500 2009ComeandTry
Selby, ChristopherHolden HK Monaro 1968Come and TryComeandTry
Severns, BruceCaterham Roadsport SV 175 2012Come and Try & 2 Wheel Drive & 7A Clubman 1600cc to 1999ccComeandTry
Shea, PeterBMW E92, M3 2007Road Registered & RRI-E Sports & Sports Sedans 3001cc and overSurihouseComeandTry
Sheohmelian, Raffiaudi rs3 2016ComeandTry
Sirgiovanni, StephenBMW 535i 2000Open carsBMW Club VicComeandTry
Smith, AdamBMW 325e 1985Come and TryComeandTry
Sofos, PanagiotisNissan 200sx 1996A3 - Road Registered 2001-4000cc & 4M Modern 2000cc to 3499ccInstructorPhotos
Splatt, Robertmercedes gtr 2018Productions Sports Cars - 2FSPLATTs Instructor
Splittgerber, MarkNissan 200SX / S15 2000Road Registered & REG RegularityComeandTry
Spriggs, JarredPorsche 911 Carrera S 2012Road CarComeandTry
Stan, TroyNissan Maxima STR 2003Come and Try & VHC-F1 Non Logged Booked cars (non-Championship Points Scoring Cars)ComeandTry
Stephens, RichardAustin Healey 100/4. BN1 1955REG RegularityComeandTry
Stevens, GuyLotus Elise 20052M Modern up to 1999ccInstructor
Traikovski, TonyBMW 320d 2010Road Registered & A3 - Road Registered 2001-4000cc & Road Reg Non Log Booked over 2500cc & Road Car - 2001 to 4000cc & 4M Modern 2000cc to 3499ccComeandTry
Vasilev, MarioNissan Skyline 19952 Wheel DriveComeandTry
Vicze, SonnyBMW M2 LCI 2017Come and TryVelocity OneComeandTry
Wakefield, CharlesMercedes-AMG GTS 2016Road CarComeandTry
Walker, GarethSubaru WRX 1998Improved Production - 3J & B3 - Improved Production 2001-4000cc & 4M Modern 2000cc to 3499ccPerfectly Presented Properties / AUS4WDInstructor
Wen, ZiyaoBMW M2 2017Come and Try & 2 Wheel DriveComeandTry
Western, MarkRenault Clio Sport 182 20058 Any nominated carComeandTry
Williamson, GordonLotus Elise Cup 250 20162 Wheel Drive & A6 Sports Cars over 1700cc & 4M post-1985 Modern 2500cc to 3499ccComeandTry
Williamson, NeilBMW 535i 1997Road CarComeandTry
Wlazlo, PiotrLotus EXIGE 2006ComeandTry
Wong, MichaelLotus Elise 20064M Modern 2000cc to 3499ccComeandTry
Wu, MichaelSubaru Levorg 2017Street CarsComeandTry
Xu, RenhaiBMW M140i 2018Come and TryComeandTry
Yong, AlvinMitsubishi Lancer 2005Road CarComeandTry
Yoong, JackieLotus Elise 220 Cup 20164M post-1985 Modern 2500cc to 3499ccComeandTry
Youssef, PeterBMW 335i Coupe 2007Road RegisteredComeandTryPhotos
Zelea, AndreAudi S3 2003Road CarComeandTry

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