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Name:MSCA/VSSC Winton May 17th 2020. Entries Not Yet Open. Date Unconfirmed.
Event Type:Supersprint
Minimum Licence:Level 2 Speed
Entry Includes:Carports are Included. Garages are NOT included
Activity:MSCA Super Sprint Entry
Activity:VSSC Only Super Sprint Entry
Activity:Junior MSCA Super Sprint Entry
Activity:Junior VSSC Only Super Sprint Entry
Where & When
Event Organiser:Marque Sports Car Association
Where:Winton (long track)
Permit Number:TBA

Entries Open:11/08/2019
Entries close:05/08/2020
Event starts:05/17/2020
Event ends:05/17/2020
Contact Details
Entry Contact:Mark Rae

Technical Contact:
Car Classes (these are not the competition groups)
A1 - Road Registered 0-1600ccA2 - Road Registered 1601-2000cc
A3 - Road Registered 2001-4000ccA4 - Road Registered 4001cc & over
B1 - Improved Production 0-1600ccB2 - Improved Production 1601-2000cc
B3 - Improved Production 2001-4000ccB4 - Improved Production 4001cc & over
C1 - Sports Sedans 0-1600ccC2 - Sports Sedans 1601-2000cc
C3 - Sports Sedans 2001-4000ccC4 - Sports Sedans 4001cc & over
D1 - Production Sports Cars 0-1600ccD2 - Production Sports Cars 1601-2000cc
D3 - Production Sports Cars 2001-4000ccD4 - Production Sports Cars 4001cc & over
E- Sports Racers & SuperSportsF - Clubman 0-1600cc
G1 - Historic Sports and Touring 0-2000ccG2 - Historic Sports and Touring 2001cc & over
H1 - Formula Libre & Group 2A Sports Cars 0-1600ccH2 - Formula Libre & Group 2A Sports Cars 1601-2000cc
H3 - Formula Libre & Group 2A Sports Cars 2001cc & overJ1 - Non-Logbooked 0-1600cc
J2 - Non-Logbooked 1601-2000ccJ3 - Non-Logbooked 2001-4000cc
J4 - Non-Logbooked 4001cc & overK1 - Open 0-1600cc
K2 - Open 1601-2000ccK3 - Open 2001-4000cc
K4 - Open 4001cc & over2C Classic up to 1999cc
2M Modern up to 1999cc4C Classic 2000cc to 3499cc
4M Modern 2000cc to 3499cc5C pre-1986 Classic 3500cc to 4999cc
5M post-1985 Modern 3500cc to 4999cc6C pre-1986 Classic over 4999cc
6M post-1985 Modern Over 4999cc7 Clubman Cars up to 1599cc
7A Clubman 1600cc to 1999cc8 Any nominated car
8 Cars running slicks8 Clubman over 1999cc
9 Open WheelersE Electric and or Hybrid
REG Regularity
MSCA Super Sprint Entry:$ 240
VSSC Only Super Sprint Entry:$ 250
Junior MSCA Super Sprint Entry:$ 125
Junior VSSC Only Super Sprint Entry:$ 135

Credit Card: on-line payment available.
Address for Check:Not Available
Direct Deposit Acc:Not Available

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