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Name:2019 Mt Cotton Hillclimb Series - Round 4
Event Type:Hill climb
Minimum Licence:Level 2 Speed
Entry Includes:Entry
Activity:Speed Hillclimb
Where & When
Event Organiser:MG Car Club Of Qld Inc
Where:Mt Cotton
Permit Number:419/2107/01

Entries Open:06/25/2019
Entries close:07/10/2019
Event starts:07/20/2019
Event ends:07/21/2019
Contact Details
Entry Contact:Richard Mattea
Phone:0488 224 105

Technical Contact:
Car Classes (these are not the competition groups)
MGCCQ - All Wheel Drive &/or Forced Induction Sedans (Tyres are free choice)MGCCQ - Clubman Sports Cars
MGCCQ - Formula FordMGCCQ - Formula Libre 1301cc and over
MGCCQ - Formula Libre up to 1300ccMGCCQ - Formula Vee
MGCCQ - Group KMGCCQ - Group N 1600-2001cc
MGCCQ - Group N 2001cc & overMGCCQ - Group N up to 1600cc
MGCCQ - Group QMGCCQ - Group R
MGCCQ - Group SMGCCQ - Group T
MGCCQ - Group UMGCCQ - Hyundai X3 Series Vehicles (one class)
MGCCQ - Improved Production 1601-2000ccMGCCQ - Improved Production 2001cc & over
MGCCQ - Improved Production up to 1600ccMGCCQ - Marque Sports 1601-2000cc
MGCCQ - Marque Sports 2001cc & overMGCCQ - Marque Sports up to 1600cc
MGCCQ - Mod & Inc Cars; including Road Reg 2001cc & overMGCCQ - Mod & Inc Cars; including Road Reg up to 2000cc
MGCCQ - PRC Rally Car (Must have log book)MGCCQ - Prod & Inv Cars; including Road Reg 1601-2000cc
MGCCQ - Prod & Inv Cars; including Road Reg 2001cc & overMGCCQ - Prod & Inv Cars; including Road Reg up to 1600cc
MGCCQ - RegularityMGCCQ - Sports Cars 2001cc & over (Inc. 2A & 6SR)
MGCCQ - Sports Cars up to 2000cc (Inc. 2A & 6SR)MGCCQ - Sports Sedans 2001cc & over
MGCCQ - Sports Sedans up to 2000ccMGCCQ - Superkarts
Entry:$ 100
Cross entry car:$ 100
Cross entry driver:$ 100

Credit Card: on-line payment available.
Address for Check:GPO Box 1847, Brisbane 4001
Direct Deposit Acc:BSB: 084263 Acc. No: 464938785

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