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Event Club Entries Open Entries Close Event Starts Duration Actions
BJR Highclere Hillclimb (Championship)North West Car Club11/10/201912/11/201912/14/20191Event Details
Entrant List
BJR Hillclimb (Club)North West Car Club11/10/201912/11/201912/14/20191Event Details
Entrant List
2020 Victorian Hillclimb Championship Rd 1 (incl MSCA)MG Car Club Of Victoria - Melbourne12/03/201901/13/202001/19/20201Event Details
Entrant List
Victorian State Circuit Racing Championship Round 1 2020MG Car Club Of Victoria - Melbourne12/02/201902/07/202002/14/20203Event Details
Entrant List
Victorian Observe Licence Test - February 14 - SandownCAMS12/18/201902/10/202002/14/20201Event Details
MSCA Sandown February 23rd 2020 Entries not OpenMarque Sports Car Association11/08/201902/14/202002/23/20201Event Details
Phillip Island Classic Festival of Motorsport 2020Victorian Historic Racing Register10/28/201902/04/202003/06/20203Event Details
Entrant List
MSCA Phillip Island March 15th 2020 Entries Not Yet Open. Date to be confirmed.Marque Sports Car Association11/08/201903/06/202003/15/20201Event Details
TEST 6 Hour Relay 2020 TESTNSW Road Racing Club Ltd10/09/201903/01/202004/01/20201Event Details
MSCA Sandown April 18th 2020. Entries not Yet OpenMarque Sports Car Association11/08/201904/10/202004/18/20201Event Details
Myrniong Historic SprintAustin 7 Club Inc02/03/202003/31/202004/19/20201Event Details
20 OST 1 LilydaleAustin 7 Club Inc02/01/202005/01/202005/02/20202Event Details
20 OST 2 GlenburnAustin 7 Club Inc02/01/202005/15/202005/14/20202Event Details
MSCA/VSSC Winton May 17th 2020. Entries Not Yet Open. Date Unconfirmed.Marque Sports Car Association11/08/201905/08/202005/17/20201Event Details
20 OST 3 Woori YallockAustin 7 Club Inc05/22/202005/23/20202Event Details
MSCA Vic and MSCA SA Super Sprint The Bend June 7th 2020. Entries Not yet Open.Marque Sports Car Association11/08/201905/29/202006/07/20201Event Details
20 OST 4 GilderoyAustin 7 Club Inc02/01/202006/12/202006/13/20202Event Details
20 OST 5 Three BridgesAustin 7 Club Inc02/01/202006/26/202006/27/20202Event Details
20 OST 6 Neerim SouthAustin 7 Club Inc02/01/202007/10/202007/11/20202Event Details
MSCA Sandown July 19th 2020. Entries Not yet Open. Date not confirmed.Marque Sports Car Association11/08/201907/10/202007/19/20201Event Details
20 OST 7 Dale Shaw TrialAustin 7 Club Inc02/01/202007/24/202007/25/20204Event Details
20/OST 8 John Pryce TrialAustin 7 Club Inc02/01/202008/07/202008/08/20202Event Details
20 OST 9 StrathewenAustin 7 Club Inc02/01/202008/21/202008/22/20202Event Details
MSCA Winton August 30th, 2020. Entries Not yet Open. Date not confirmed.Marque Sports Car Association11/08/201908/21/202008/30/20201Event Details
20 OST 10 Panton HillAustin 7 Club Inc02/01/202009/04/202009/05/20202Event Details
MSCA Phillip Island September 19th 2020. Entries not open. Date not confirmed.Marque Sports Car Association11/08/201909/11/202009/19/20201Event Details
20 OST 11 NarbethongAustin 7 Club Inc02/01/202009/18/202009/19/20202Event Details
20 OST 12 Gilderoy 2 Day TrialAustin 7 Club Inc02/01/202010/02/202010/03/20202Event Details
MSCA Sandown October 10th 2020. Entries Not yet Open. Date not confirmed.Marque Sports Car Association11/08/201910/02/202010/10/20201Event Details
2020 Geelong Revival Motoring FestivalGeelong Motor Sports Club04/01/202011/14/202011/28/20202Event Details

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